Letters to the Editor: Nov. 2012

To the Editor

[Re: “The Yugosphere: Not Just Balkan NostalgiaTVR Oct. 2012] I think Yugonostalgia is more pronounced in all parts of the former Yugoslavia. I agree that the possibilities offered by cultures are most visible. Renovation of the former homeland will, in my judgment, first be implemented across cultures, but it should be borne in mind that the economic damage from the collapse of the Yugoslav market was enormous for all parts of our beautiful country and to restore this is undoubtedly useful for all parts of Yugoslavia.

Today we would have higher gross domestic product than Greece. Finally in addition to the common cultural and economic values there are thousands of family and property ties that would make our life much more enjoyable and and with solidarity as well.

Therefore, I agree that there is salvation for our Yugoslavia. It should therefore be renewed naturally as a flexible and democratic community based on economic interests and with the principle of solidarity. And finally, for economic reasons since the breakup of the Yugoslav market has cost us at least €500-1,000 billion. Simply in Yugoslavia we would all feel better, like at home, and would have a much better perspective and overall development would be the greatest of all our people.

Stipan Lovrenovic,


To the Editor

Re: [“The Shadowy Soul of Joseph Roth”, TVR, Sept. 2012] I dispute reviewer Jessica Spiegel’s description of Roth’s “overstated self-congratulation for his writing, which he was quick to call ‘beautiful’, and his thinking, ‘superior’.” Wrong. He was the best and he knew it.

Also her critique of author Michael Hofmann’s description of “ever inadequate Stefan Zweig” who had “one-tenth” of Roth’s talent, which she describes as “not only a highly debatable claim, but fully unnecessary in such a work.”

It’s very clear to fiction lovers that the wealthy influential socialite Zweig’s work will be quickly forgotten compared to the lambent concision of Roth. It seems that Spiegel is revolted by the true artistic temperament displayed in the drama and ultimate despair of these letters. If you have only read the Radetzky March then I could understand. Try Job, Rebellion,Weights and Measures then think again.

The greater the damage Roth did to himself to create this stuff, the more we owe him and should thank him. The correct ways to behave, observe and conduct oneself in polite society produce nothing of value, only an illusion of permanence and security.

Pete Lazonby,
Brighton, England


To the Editor,

We had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with The Vienna Review recently at the Amadeus International Music School where our daughter is beginning her studies. We are an Australian wife and an English husband who live in Singapore and Fiji, and so were delighted to have a way to get to know Vienna and keep up with what is going on there.

I have just finished visiting www.viennareview.net and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading some of the articles. What a wonderful publication! I am delighted to have discovered it, especially as we will be spending more time in Vienna now that our daughter will be attending school here, and will be purchasing an iPad subscription shortly.

Elain Barrett-Power and Charles Hadrill
Singapore and Fiji


To the Editor,

I read with great interest the review of the books on Austrians in London exile [“Austrians in Exile: the London Years”, TVR Sept. 2012].

My father, Ernst Eisenmayer, was an Austrian refugee during the war and came to England via Dachau spending the war years in England in various cities […]. In London he was an extremely active member of the Young Austria group.

My father married and settled in London and became a very successful artist and sculptor – his work having been (and still being) exhibited in many cities throughout the world. He is currently living in retirement in Vienna and is, it would seem, the last survivor of Dachau.

Janet Daws,

See Ernst Eisenmayer: The Dignity of Life, p. 20 Nov 2012 TVR.

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