Gallery Run: The Berlin Connection

Vice Mayor Vassilakou has started a test-run for green bike lanes | Photo: Christian Fürthner/PID

At the Wakeboard Lift on the Neue Donau even beginners have fun | Photo: Jacqueline Klooster

The jazz musician Adrian Gaspar considers himself “a typical Viennese” | Photo: Sepp Dreissiger

Rudolf Sarközi, received a Golden Cross for promoting the welfare of Roma across Europe | Photo: KV-Roma

| Photo: Sandro Weltin/Council of Europe

New refroms in EU laws aim to ensure fish populations & diversity | Photos: Christian Cummins

The majority of small-time fisherman are left out of the EU industry | Photo: Christian Cummins

Peter Györkos, Hungary’s ambassador to the EU, speaking in Vienna in May | Photo: Zsuffa Tünde

Council President Herman Van Rompuy at the Summit in May | Photo: European Council

In the warm weather, the street-wise trend-setters take the city by scooter | Photo:APA / Hans Krist / OTS

From opera to film, from prodigy to professional, at every stage of life, Austrian composer Erich Korngold was a master of genre | Illustration: Katarina Klein

Oak Ridge, the Manhattan Project facility where uranium was purified | Photo: Life/Ed Clark, 1945

A view of the CMS detector that sees the ­particles that collide in the LHC | Photo: CERN

Austrian physicist Claudia-Elisabeth Wulz explores dark matter at CERN | Photo: Astrid Bartl

The UNO in the 22nd District | Photo: VIC

As a gateway to the city for ­travellers arriving from the airport, Wien Mitte Mall may have ­disgusted the ­Austrian “­inventor of the ­shopping mall”, Victor Gruen | Photo: The American Heritage Center

alls were erected after countless failed designs | Photos: Wien Mitte Mall

Austerity has not worked out all that well for most Europeans, except for those with pockets deep enough | Illustration: Margaret Scott

Niemetz’ Schwedenbomben is an age-old brand | Photo: Niemetz

At Café Hawelka, the legendary Ober Ali was a typical Viennese waiter (1956) | Photo: Wien Museum

Simple materials are used creatively to engage young minds | Photo: ZOOM Kindermuseum/

Hands-on, armour on: kids joust and wear courtly attire | Photo: ZOOM Kindermuseum/

At the Apple retailer, screens depicted the ­deserted streets of Fukushima | Photo: Armin Bardel

Left to right: Alec, played by James Barron and Matthew Carter as Richard | Photo: Vienna’s English Theatre

Norwegian ­Rebekka Bakken will bring her Jazzy style to the city in July, along with George Benson, Bonnie Raitt and Bobby McFerrin | Photo: Tina Axelsson

George Benson Photo: Marco Glaviano

Bobby McFerrin Photo: Ann Marsden

Bonnie Raitt Photo: Marina Chavez

Ladies dressed up for the Wäschermädlball imitating the light-hearted laundresses | Photo: Wien Museum

The stepped roof of the Hochhaus is to mask the building’s height | Photo: Duncan J.D. Smith

A painting by American Shepard Feirey at the Ankerbrotfabrik | Photo: Katarina Stögmüller

Berlin artist Katharina Grosse's rainbow splashes of colour | Photo: Markus Wörgötter

Vienna or Berlin? Photos at Eigensinnig show how similar the cities are Berlin artist Katharina Grosse's rainbow splashes of colour | Photo: Markus Wörgötter

... and there’s great food too | Photo: Ali Rabbani

This cosy alcove in Leopoldstadt is for conversation... | Photo: Ali Rabbani

A "real" American football game in Austria | Photo: Franziska Zoidl

The nighttime mood among the eateries is laid-back, with plenty of variety | Photo:

The sites of the Protest Trail are all tagged to read on your smart phone | Photo: Doris Neubauer

The Vienna International Sailing Club unfurls its sails every Thursday to non-members for an evening sail on the Old Danube | Photos: Sam Poloway

On the wall of St. Stephen’s is carved ‘O5’, the symbol of the resistance underground in WWII | Photo: Doris Neubauer

Junior baseball practice | Photo:

“We Have Decided Not to Die” fits this year’s focus on themes of Strange Days | Photo: VIS

Members of the Madrid- based faculty specialists association (AFEM) on Madrid's Plaza del Sol, protest what they call ‘privatisation plans’ of the Spanish health care system | Photo: Kote Rodrigo/EPA

A March protest of the Civic Re-Action party against austerity in Madrid | Photo: Kote/EPA

Homeless people sleeping in the Nyugati ­(Western) Railway Station in Budapest in 2010. A year later, homelessness was declared illegal | Photo: APA/Zsolt Szigetvary

Hungarian PM Victor Orbán with the EU’s José Manuel Barroso | Photo: Xinghua/Eyevine/APA

Unlike Paris, “a ghetto for the rich”, people can live well on little in Berlin | Photo: Koch

A place of ease and ideas, with tree-lined streets, 20 minutes from town | Photo: Albertus Magnus Schule

Actors & directors speak at Kino unter Sternen, in front of the Karlskirche | Photo: Kino unter Sternen

A traditional Gemeindebau designed by Josef Beer at Meisalstraße 76 (1928) | Photo: Haeferl

Author Katharina Hagena can deliver the sensory details of a master Photo: Henrik Spohler

The flapper fashion went along with a fun-loving vibe, giving women more freedom | Photo:


The cliché is that Berlin is hip while Vienna is staid and boring. And to an extent this is true: Vienna has not fully embraced the styles and techniques of contemporary art to the extent that Berlin has, transformed as it has been into an international hub for art since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. But a range of exhibitions and events this month bring Vienna’s galleries and streets a little close to the influences that are flourishing in Berlin.

Cash, Cans and Candy

A painting by American Shepard Feirey at the Ankerbrotfabrik | Photo: Katarina Stögmüller

A painting by American Shepard Feirey at the Ankerbrotfabrik | Photo: Katarina Stögmüller

Street art is big in Berlin, and this summer Vienna will have more of its city walls splattered with colour. Until 16 September, exhibitions at Hilger BROTKunsthalle and Galerie Hilger Next are presenting work by Austrian and international street artists accompanied by live street art performances taking place across Vienna.

The stencilled spray-painting of a smiling group of four sitting arm-in-arm on a lawn, by the Bulgarian artist Vasilena Gankovska at Neni am Naschmarkt, was the first of these live performances. This matches the bustling ambiance of the restaurant and brings fresh energy to the bleak walls of Naschmarkt.

Street art in Vienna is often dismissed as graffiti and vandalism. This series of exhibitions and events helps bring a different message – that street art can be every bit as compelling as other art forms and that it has the potential to enhance the city’s aesthetic.

“Especially when an area of a city is run-down, a painted wall can make it more attractive and people become accustomed to having it there,” assures Gankovska. “People are often happy when a well-known street artist spray paints a wall in their neighbourhood.”

Galerie Hilger Next and Hilger BROTKunsthalle

10., Absberggasse 27

Wed. – Sat. 12:00 – 18:00

(01) 512 53 15


Art events: 

Mural Live Painting – Faith47


10., Absberggasse 35

1 June, 15:00 – 18:00


Tattoo-performance – Vasilena Gankovska


10., Absberggasse 27 

21 June, 19:00 – 21:30



Snakes between her and the shore

Berlin artist Katharina Grosse's rainbow splashes of colour | Photo: Markus Wörgötter

Berlin artist Katharina Grosse’s rainbow splashes of colour | Photo: Markus Wörgötter

Since the late 1990s, Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse has earned a reputation for daring expositions in spray-painting: This exhibition encompasses enormous canvases with rainbow-coloured strokes, splashes and dribbles conveying an energy and movement typical of her work. Close up, recognisable shapes and creatures emerge from the chaos of colourful lines and drops evoking phantasmagoric scenes. Like a Rorschach test that is different for every viewer, Grosse’s oeuvre triggers the imagination.

In the second room, an unsettling feeling takes hold as if you are no longer merely looking at art, but standing within it. A long, studded, 1950s sofa designed by Florence Knoll facing a large-sized crackle sculpture by Grosse on a circular carpet, all sprayed with reds, blues, greens and purple, fill the room. This spatial display, together with the multi-coloured streaked canvases on the walls, is disorientating and oddly effective.

Grosse’s transition from oil and acrylics on canvas to applying colour onto three-dimensional objects, has been one of the defining characteristics of her work. In previous projects she has transformed entire notice boards, staircases, canteens, museums and other buildings into a colourful spectacle. Through 29 June.


Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder

1., Grünangergasse 1

Mon. – Sat. 11:00 – 19:00

Sun. 10:00 – 18:00

(01) 512 12 66



Vienna or Berlin? Photos at Eigensinnig show how similar the cities are Berlin artist Katharina Grosse's rainbow splashes of colour | Photo: Markus Wörgötter

Vienna or Berlin? Photos at Eigensinnig show how similar the cities are Berlin artist Katharina Grosse’s rainbow splashes of colour | Photo: Markus Wörgötter

After years of documenting curious and touching encounters and day-to-day scenes, photographers Christian Reister in Berlin and Kay von Aspern in Vienna have joined forces for this exhibition. Captured scenes such as those of a group of men and women in Lederhosen napping together in the grass, or a man strolling along a canal as he passes a bill board, have a distinctly Viennese feel about them. And yet, all descriptive captions are deliberately omitted, you are left guessing which are Berlin and which Vienna.

Whilst painstakingly scanning the photographs for clues of tell-tale street signs, familiar advertisements or recognisable buildings to pin-point the setting of each photograph, it becomes clear just how similar the two cities really are. Berlin and Vienna have a great deal in common, both in appearance and in lifestyle. Then you have the fun of checking in the gallery catalogue, to see if you were right! It was exhibited at Gallerie Burjuar in Berlin before it came here and will by on display through 1 June in Vienna.



7., Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz 4/2

Tue. – Fri. 11:00 – 19:00

Sat. 10:00-18:00

(01) 890 66 37

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