Letters to the Editor: July/August 2011

To the Editor,

The article by Christian Cummins entitled ‘Prosperity Lost’ in the Vienna Review is a stark pointer to Europe and the EU of what is to come.

When China set out in earnest to dominate world trade some 30 years ago, it did not ask its politicians to determine the nation’s economic ‘blueprint’, but its engineers and specifically His Excellency Jian Song, former vice-premier of China for 13-years and an Honorary Member of our Foundation.

This is a little known fact in the West as Song is the true ‘master’ of the basis of China’s economic dynamism today. There were five broad-brush critical phases within this world-leading strategy thought out by Song and his eminent colleagues under his control.


1. Human Capacity Building and Technical Educational Development – low cost/high human value Strategy

2. National Economic Stimulation and Internal Market Development – Mass Internal trade growth and National Savings Strategy

3. Strategy for Global Manufacturing Dominance, Global Minerals Supply and National Innovation Strategy

4. Strategy for the Acquisition of Global Assets

5. Enabling Strategy to Control World Markets


Under Song’s guidance China started the long applied process to dominate world economics over his 13-year tenure as vice-premier.

Considering these facts, the West if it is to recapture the high ground in the economic stakes has to supplant its political thinking with innovative thinking likewise from its engineers, scientists and overridingly its independent innovators (the capture of the people’s creative ideas).

There is no doubt that China’s economic emergence over the last quarter of a century has been unparalleled and has proved to be a truly enviable success by any standards. It will be even more phenomenal in the future as its global dominance will eventually encompass at least half the world’s economic turnover, equivalent to more than what the USA ever attained by a factor nearly greater than three.

Therefore, the West on its present path is in for a life-changing experience over the next three decades that will despatch the majority of our future generations to a life of relative poverty with the East. This is not pie in the sky but thinking based upon reality and fact.

Consequently our politicians in the West have to start anew with their economic thinking and do what China decided to do around four decades ago, create their economic dynamism, not based upon political ideology, but based upon re-engineered creative thinking of their innovative inventors and engineers. That is the only way that the West can ever have a hope of re-engaging substantially in the future of world of economics on a supportable and totally sustainable basis. For all other thinking will fail us to our great regret and with colossal human misery for many centuries to come it has to be said.

Yes, we are certainly dealing with centuries here, for once the high ground has predominantly been taken up by SE Asia and China’s unassailable economic lead, the West will find it near impossible to retake any of the world markets back. That is how bad it will get and we have better get used to it due to our western political thinking on the economic front.

Therefore there will be vast numbers of barren cities and towns just like Charleroi in Belgium that will emerge in a single lifetime and we in the EU should be highly concerned. Our only hope is that we create a holistic and fully integrated system of innovation and where the development of a new innovation infrastructure, where all our people are part, is  implemented within the next ten years.

For after that the people of the EU will have little hope, as global economics takes at least three decades to grow and by then, SE Asia will have fully captured the high ground of global economics and be utterly unassailable in wealth, power, innovation and creativity.


Dr. David Hill

Executive Director

World Innovation Foundation

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