Whose Apocalypse?

While the end of the world has been predicted many times, 2012 is a particularly popular year for apocalypse theories. Human beings just love the idea of being able to predict the future. Of course we also like to speculate on our origins. We tell stories of ribs and utopian gardens, or turtles upon turtles to help us imagine it.

While in the past, prophets and crystal balls have been the sure-fire indicators of game changers, it seems that scientists have taken a liking to this same game. They, however, tend to require evidence, boiling the question of the apocalypse down to a debate between science and faith. But wouldn’t evidence ruin it? Like transparency in government: it just makes people disillusioned and angry.

Nostradamus is thought to have set the date for the apocalypse in 2012. Most famously, scholars found the Mayans’ “Great Cycle” will end on 21 Dec., 2012.  While many smirk at these predictions, money is being made on a centuries-old hunch. The recent Roland Emmerich film has even provoked NASA – the last word in modern day cosmic studies – to dedicate a page on its website to clearing up the 2012 related rumours.

Some Christians also see the 2012 predictions as the “second coming,” or the coming of the anti-Christ – it’s a toss up.

So while the world cannot agree on how it was created, the predictions of its ending are crowding this year’s calendar. While scientists don’t think the world is really going to implode, they do feel the need to enter the discussion.

There is evidence that faith-based prophesies have, at times, come to pass. Perhaps it’s the global placebo effect. Or is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? We think the world will end so we (subconsciously) do everything in our power to speed things up, to meet the deadline. So here is a question for the true believers:  If the 21 Dec. 2012 is supposedly it, shouldn’t we just have faith in the evidence of the power of faith, and call it a day?


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