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Which New Middle East?

Regardless of whether democratisation in the “new Middle East” succeeds or authoritarian forms of government prevail once again, one fundamental change has already become clear: no one will be able to govern without taking into account domestic public opinion. This change will shift the foreign-policy parameters of the Middle East conflict (understood as both an […]

Smith’s Arab Revolution

Revolution across the Arab world has forced the region’s peoples and governments to grapple with the need for change. Years of sclerosis have given way to a frantic push for reforms to match the aspirations and discontent of millions. But reform momentum is tugging in two, quite opposite, directions. One push is for governments to […]

Many Faces of Arab Spring

The attack by a Western-led alliance on Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in Libya is driven largely by principled motives. Had it turned its back on the Libyan rebels, the West would have betrayed its very identity. Of course, the same principles are not being applied to save the brutally repressed masses in Yemen or the Shia […]

Vienna’s Coptic Christians See Danger in the Protests

Since late January, the media have been full of the crisis in Egypt. Tuning in to any news station has been like tuning into CCTV Cairo. Even now, weeks later, things have still not settled down completely. Instead, a rift is beginning to grow in Egyptian society. Even with Mubarak gone, some are determined to […]

Egypt and Tunisia: The Inequality Wild Card

As the dramatic events in North Africa continue to unfold, many observers outside the Arab world smugly tell themselves that it is all about corruption and political repression. But high unemployment, glaring inequality, and soaring prices for basic commodities are also a huge factor. So observers should not just be asking how far similar events […]

Jihadi Swan Song

Democratic mass movements are spreading like brush fire across the Middle East and North Africa, and one thing is becoming clear – al-Qaeda is being left in the dust. The Arab revolutions are a decidedly populist affair, demanding equality, pluralism, freedom and social justice. They are liberal and secular, anti-authoritarian, made up of Muslims and […]

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