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Family Psychology: More Than ‘Pimp My Child’

Family Psychology: More Than ‘Pimp My Child’

Parents matter. And teachers matter. And, for the lucky children, there is a whole community of people around while they are growing up, people who can have a lasting influence. For me personally, it was a high school counsellor who let me hang out in his office, the English professor who asked “Why aren’t you […]

Windows to the Mind: the world of Cyberpsychology

The doors of cyberspace are open – for information, support and occasional dangers. The doors to research, however, particularly in psychology, have been ripped from their hinges, via technological advances and the Internet. As covered in Dr. Birgit U. Stetina and Prof. Ilse Kryspin-Exner’s book, Gesundheit und Neue Medien (SpringerWienNewYork) there are many negative sides […]

Bits and Bytes of Psychology: Cyberpsychology (Part 1 of 2)

Heartache, back pain, anxiety, a daughter’s scanty eating habits: a quick tour of cyberspace and one stumbles upon doctors, virtual support groups, pharmaceutical deliveries, various therapists and coaches. An email is written, a virtual community is notified, and a blog or chat opened to look for answers. Technology has radically changed the world, and with […]

Beyond Freud’s Playground

It’s May 6, the 155th anniversary of the birth of Sigmund Freud. I arrive at the Austrian National Bank just before 17:30 to attend the 38th annual Sigmund Freud Lecture, given this year by American novelist Siri Hustvedt. First held in 1970, this event is in truth something just short of annual. Admittedly, “annual” does […]

Breaking Down Prison Walls

“We’re going on a journey,” Philip Zimbardo warned his audience, convened by the Webster University Psychology Department at the Amerikahaus May 31, before embarking on a meandering, two-hour lecture. And yet, everybody stayed on board. In part, this is because Philip Zimbardo, aged 78, is one the most famous psychologists alive: His controversial Stanford Prison […]

Psychology with Honors

To most people, mentioning the words “Vienna” and “psychology” in one sentence quickly leads to a conversation about Sigmund Freud, or perhaps Alfred Adler, C.G. Jung, Anna Freud, Melanie Klein or Viktor Frankl, or even the assiduous work of Karl and Charlotte Bühler between the wars. Today, there are over 7,000 Clinical Psychologists in Austria […]

S.O.S – Scan Our Soul

What makes us human? In the age of artificial intelligence and concern for animal rights, it is a question whose importance is back at the center of public debate. What is it exactly that makes us different from machines or animals? Is it a capacity for self-awareness, feelings or empathy? Our social competencies and social […]

Healing Abuser and Victim

One of the first things psychotherapist Jonni Brem learned about domestic violence was that what a man considers violent may be quite different from what is experienced by a woman. So at Vienna’s Männerberatung they always begin by hearing the story from both sides. Right away, we realize the widely divergent conceptions as to what […]

Book Review: When Nietzsche Wept, by Irvin D. Yalom

Talking Through Despair It’s 1882, and the specter of nihilism is stalking Europe. Despair runs rampant and unchecked through the population. Conventional medicine has precious little consolation to offer the suffering, and its alternative – religious mysticism – seems even less effective. Western civilization is in dire need of a new school of treatment for […]

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